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I’m a freelance Auckland-based creative film and television editor with over fifteen years experience cutting commercials, content films and music videos. I lived and worked in Europe for a number of years, but I have worked on projects all over the world with some of the best directors in the business, for brands such as Nike, Heineken, Jeep, Burberry, L'Oreal and Apple. I returned to Auckland in 2017.


Although I see myself as a specialist offline editor, I’m also proficient in motion graphics. I love the craft of storytelling through film and my aim is to be someone you can collaborate with, working through each iteration of a narrative until we get to the best, someone to make the technical aspects disappear so you can focus on what you want to say, or what needs to be said. My depth of experience means I am an extremely safe pair of hands to help articulate your vision. I look forward to bringing my storytelling abilities to your next project.


I cut in both Avid and Premiere.

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